Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Members have a reason to Celebrate – a Spectacular Vacation Lifestyle Awaiting at the Resort and it all starts with a Beach Party dedicated to their enjoyment! Welcome to the Celebration! Let down your hair; take off you shoes; and party on the beach to sounds of local music and ocean waves!


Check Out the Hottest Show on the Island… Bravissimo!

Bravissimo is a Vegas-style show with a Caribbean flair! The show starts with bang when performers explode onto the stage with a dazzling display of bright colors, high-energy music and acrobatic dancing! Enjoy a delicious dinner prior to the show at one of the DOME’s amazing restaurants, then get ready to be entertained as more than thirty professional dancers in brightly colored costumes showcase an unforgettable experience!

Located at The DOME, the most exciting party spot in Puerto Plata!


Along with all of the daily excitement to be found within Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, special events are planned for Members that include special parties with tribute bands or special guests stars. Members are up close and in the middle of the action with V.I.P sections created just for them. From the pulsating music of special tribute bands like Hollywood U2, to dazzling fireworks and the finest of feasts, our special events are sure to leave you feeling like a teenager again.



Looking for a show, a song and dance number and maybe a laugh or two? With two entertainment complexes on property, experiencing any number of diversions is not a problem. The Colosseum is a large outdoor stage with various stage performances, while Lights, Camera, Action Theatre is a more intimate indoor facility, yet both are dedicated to your amusement.





Looking for a show, a song and dance number and maybe a laugh or two? Lights, Camera, Action Theatre is an intimate indoor facility dedicated to your amusement.





Ice_LOGO-4CWhen the sun goes down, the resort lights up with lively nightly music so you can dance the night away and never have to leave the property.

It’s time to bring your moves, get into the groove and party until dawn. Within walking distance, guests enjoy the heart pounding tunes of our state-of-the-art nightclub where the music and drinks flow all night, alongside electric lights and a cool LED environment sure to help find that inner groove.

This is a new kind of grind!